We provide fast, high quality and low cost scanning services as well as business solutions to Health care, Legal, High Tech, Insurance, Financial, Government and other markets.

We make our services adaptable to fit your office needs. We can perform our digital scanning services onsite at your office, or offsite at our office. We provide local pickup and delivery service free of charge. Our digital imaging services include document or image preparation, scanning, indexing, and quality control. We use high speed production scanners to do the scanning. Most of our conversion is output to PDF/ JPEG files. For delivery, we can copy your images on to CD or DVD or sent it by e-mail.


  • Paper to Digital Records Conversion ( Output to CD, DVD or e-mail)
  • Scanning done onsite or offsite.
  • Guaranteed security and Privacy of documents.
  • Local Records Pickup and Delivery.
  • Records Shredding.
  • Paper documents storage.


Conventional PaperRecords


 We have the ideal EMR solution for solo and small medical practitioners to comply with the Federal Mandate to convert to EMR by 2014.
The thought of converting to EMR causes anxiety and concern. Fear of change and fear of the unknown are understandable reactions and intimidating obstacles from converting to EMR. Today's society is adopting and depending on computers. Why not you? We make it so easy that people with no computer experience can learn to use this EMR software. With our free training, you can learn the system in just a short period. It is easy to use because it mimics the physician's paper filing system.


Paper files and charts have their disadvantages too.

Paper files take up valuable office space. They require a lot of handling by the office staff, the physician and even the patient. They are often misplaced or the physician picks up the wrong file. Many paper charts contain substandard documents and often there are a few important charts that are illegible. This could compromise the practice should there be an audit by Medicare, insurance company or a lawyer.


  • EMR improves efficiency and profits.
  • EMR eliminates handling such as pulling, preparing and filing files.
  • Eliminates cost of file binders, paper, labels and customized office forms.
  • Eliminates the temporary loss of misplaced files.
  • EMR quickly prints prescriptions for medications and avoids costly human errors associated with illegible handwriting.
  • EMR makes it easier to be compliant with Medicare coding guidelines through mandatory standardized documentation.
  • EMR allows each patient to have access to their records on a CD that they can share with other physicians.


  • I don't need EMR. Federal mandate stipulates that all patient files have to be in electronics form by 2014.
  • EMR and computers are too complicated for me. With our free training and simple software you can learn the system in just minutes.
  • Hard drives crash and the electronic records will be lost. Our software comes with backup solutions.
  • Information can be stolen by computer hackers. All patient information is encrypted by our software.
  • EMR will slow me down. Initially yes, but will be faster within a month.
  • EMR conversion cost is expensive and software is unreliable. Our system was designed for simplicity and your regular methods of filing to solve these issues.


  • Easy to use, minimum computer skills required.
  • Software mimics the old paper filing system.
  • Guaranteed low cost software and conversion services.
  • All patient files are cataloged under patient names.
  • Patient files can be searched by name, illness, medication, annual visits, etc.
  • We scan your patient records onsite in just a few days with no disruption.
  • Office staff can be trained to maintain EMR.
  • We provide all required hardware such as scanners, tablets, etc at very low prices.
  • We provide installation and training for our system.
  • We provide data backup for EMR.
  • Data is encrypted and HIPAA compliant.